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Meet our team


Emma Koeberl

Owner - Nutrition consultant - Photographer- Coach - Trainer


  • 33 years old

  • Independent beauty consultant with Mary Kay Cosmetics for 14 years

  • Proud Auntie of 3

  • Dog (Cinch), (Gia)

  • Pony (Louie)

  • Cheyenne


  •  Riding/showing horses (Reining, Cattle/Ranch work, General), Photography, Volleyball, Wood crafting, Sewing, Hunting, Spending time with family & friends, Working cattle with dogs.

EDUCATION: Graduated from Ridgewater College- Veterinary technology, Associates Degree


  • Father has been an equine nutritionist for 35+ years and formulates Rein & Saddle feeds

  • Started riding by herself when she was 2 years old on a 16 hand QH named River.

  • Played college volleyball and still play competitively

  • Grew up on a horse and pig farm

  • Milked cows for 10 years

  • Traveled to Mongolia to manage a horse facility for 30 days

  • Will win any food eating contest she is challenged to


Jonthan Koeberl

Equine Nutritionist


  • Equine and beef nutritionist & formulator for BIG GAIN feeds (Rein & Saddle) 20+ years

  • Equine nutritionist for 35+ years

  • Equine farrier 38+ years

  • Horse (Skeeter) Dog (Tres)

  • Husband (39 yrs), father of 2 , grandfather of 3

  • On the U of M Ext-Ed-Vet board


  • Riding/showing horses (Reining, Trail riding), pheasant hunting, wood crafting, spending time with family, blacksmithing, and working on the farm

EDUCATION: Graduated from SDSU


  • Was head of sales & nutrition for Buffalo Lake Farm Proved Feeds for 21 years

  • Is a handy man extraordinaire (He can fix anything)

  • Owned and operated a 1500 pig nursery barn for many years


Gary Pusillo

Board Certified Animal Nutritionist, Forensic Scientist

  • MS, PHD, PAS, ACAN, Diplomat, Board certified Animal Nutritionist

  • Full certified member of the AAFS; American Academy of Forensic Sciences

  • Received national AAFS award for the most contributions to general forensic sciences at the 2013 Washington DC. No one in animal sciences has received the award since 1948.

  • Practiced veterinary medicine for 12 years in Brazil. He is not a USA licensed Vet, however, he qualified to testify as a veterinary expert in both state and federal legal cases in the USA. He has even done a grand jury case involving race horses

  • His expertise has influenced millions of horses throughout the world, including:

    • More than 10 Kentucky Derby winners

    • Many NFR  champions

    • World class hitches

    • Olympic competitors

  • Products he has developed are currently distributed in more than 50 countries

  • Developer & Nutritionist for McIntosh pro line

  • Father of 3 and grandpa

  • Gary is full of proven knowledge and has worked with some of the worlds best equine! We are proud to have him on our team.


Eileen Koeberl



  • Business manager for BLHS highschool

  • Wife, Mother of 2, Grandmother of 3

  • Dog (Tres) Horse (Reba)


  •  Riding horse (Trails, Barrels, Cow work) Spending time with family & friends, Gardening, Working on the farm, Being a fabulous grandma

EDUCATION: Graduated from Ridgewater College- Associates Degree


  • Grew up on a hobby farm in Atwater MN by the lake and rarely used a saddle to ride horse

  • Had an opportunity to sing professionally when she was in her 20s but chose to raise a family instead



Professional Greeter


  • 8 years old

  • Tricks: Sit, rolls over, play dead (Bang bang), shake, high five, down, whoa (Stay), speak


  • Eating, Playing with other dogs, and scaring UPS guy


  • Mother was a 10lb Mini Aussie and father was 60lb Pitbull

  • Has ice blue eyes

  • He is very loyal to Emma- Has never needed to be on a leash in public.

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