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Our Story

This small business started in 2015 with a big dream, no money, and lots of help! We started out as just a horse feed sales business that traveled farm to farm hand delivering feed.  Through the years we have grown into what we are now through God's grace and some amazing people! 

What do we do?


Today we specialize in a few areas:

- Horse nutrition consulting

- Bulk feed sales 

- Photography

- Horse training & Sales

- Riding lessons for all ages

- Beef & Egg sales

- Faith apparel

- Round bale feeder sales

- Sponsoring events & individuals

Our Team

We are proud of this team! Hard working, Caring, Knowledgeable​.  We are here to help make your dreams come true like ours have with the good Lords help!

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Emma (Koeberl) Ellig

Owner - Nutrition Consultant - Photographer  Head trainer

Emma started this business in 2015 with the help of many. She has lived a lot of life in the few years she has lived and through AAE she is driven to live out God's purpose for her.  Few ways she finds her purpose: Hard honest life coaching, making others feel beautiful through photography, teaching horses and people to work together to achieve their goals and just being someone you can talk to, just to name a few.


    Austin Klaustermeier

    Assistant Trainer

    Austin Joined our team this year to help out while Emma is pregnant. He is a talented/hard working young man with a heart for everything horses. He's had horses his whole life and is a great listener.  We are excited to have him.


      Jonathan Koeberl

      Nutritionist - Handyman

      Jon is as hard working and honest as they come.  Jon has been married to Eileen for 40 years and has soon to be 5 grand babies. He is passionate about many things but horses and nutrition are at the top. He has 40+ years in the nutrition industry and we couldn't do what we do without him.


        Eileen Koeberl

        Problem solver - Secretary

        Eileen is a one of a kind.  She is the glue that holds this whole operation together. She consults on the books, sets us straight when we need setting straight, and makes sure everything runs smoothly.  She has been Jon's loving wife for 40 years and has soon to be 5 grand babies. She's a mom figure to all that are involved with AAE. 

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