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Hi, I’m Emma!  Welcome to my new adventure!

Those close to me know that for the last few years I have been pursuing more seriously my way with God and looking for ways to share my gifts with others. I have been incredibly fortunate that throughout my life, I’ve been surrounded by individuals who not only believed in the person I had yet to be but were willing to encourage and invest time in me to help me get there. I will forever be grateful to them and have been looking for a way to pay those efforts forward, which is where the new AAE Stables comes in.
I’d like to invite you to join me in my life and God’s Arena. I have spent a great deal of my life studying with some of the best equestrians I could find. Through that, I’ve learned a great deal about disciplines such as Reining, Cattle work, Western & English Pleasure, Halter/Showmanship, Game Events, and Colt Starting. I believe my experience helps me excel at Beginner-amateur kid & adult riding lessons, behavior correction, horse sales, equine nutrition and care, and basic fundamentals including groundwork, team building, and building confidence.
I would like AAE Stables to be a place where EVERYONE feels welcome and included, and for people to know that it is a place of learning and listening. I do not consider myself a professional horse trainer, only someone very fortunate to be skillful with horses and riders. Some may question my venture, but that does not deter me. I have learned that I must trust the way the LORD has set before me. All things are possible with the Lord and a good horse!

Riding lessons with your horse: $40/hour
Riding lessons with my horse: $50/hour
Group lessons: $35/hour per person

Horse training-Tune up/Basics: 
(Best deal) $1000/month (Includes 20 rides, stand tied most days, and board) 
                    - $40/ride + $11 board/day (Whatever time frame you would like)

Horse training- Colt: (Less than 20 rides)         
(Best deal) $1200/month (Rides depend on level of colt, stand tied most days, and board)
                    - $45/ride + $11 board/day (Whatever time frame you would like)
- $350/month
- $11/day paddock/pasture/mineral tub (provide your own feed)

Horse Sales:
- Leave at barn to ride/sell: Board + $40/ride + your choice on commission (Excluding horses over $5000- 5% commission min)
- Horse does not stay with me: 10% commission + $50/ride + .58 cents per total miles driven

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