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My name is Emma!  Welcome to AAE Stable!

The last few years I have made it my life's goal to figure out what God's purpose is for my life. Why have I walked the path that I have.  Why have I met the people I have met.  Why am I here?  I wanted to do something that gives back to others as much as it gives back to me. Not just use my gifts to make money. In this life I have endured so many life experiences that others wouldn't fathom living, some of my own doing, some not. through these experiences I have come out the other side strong and happy! Glory to God! I want to use this second chance and God's given talent to help you! I’d like to invite you to join me in my life and God’s Arena!


As far as the riding/horse portion goes, I have spent a majority of my 34 years of life studying with some of the best equestrians I could find. Through that, I’ve learned a great deal about disciplines such as Reining, Cattle work, Western & English Pleasure, Halter/Showmanship, Game Events, and Colt Starting. I believe my experience helps me excel at Beginner-amateur kid & adult riding lessons and working with many different types and levels of horses. My goal is to help you identify and achieve your goals!

As far as how the life experiences will help others, I believe horses can be a gateway to our soul.  Working with horses can tell us a lot about ourselves. My favorite part about training and lessons is working with both horse and rider to better understand life.  Call it a 2 in 1 mini counseling session if you will. Nobody is forced to open up or sit and talk, but I find through problem solving with our horses we get a lot of problem solving for ourselves.  I would like AAE Stables to be a place where EVERYONE feels welcome and included, and for people to know that it is a place of learning and listening. Some may question my venture, but that does not deter me. I have learned that I must trust the way the LORD has set before me.

All things are possible with the Lord and a good horse!

Riding lessons with your horse: $50/hour
Riding lessons with my horse: $70/hour

Group lessons: $40/hour per person

Horse Training/Board
Horse training-Tune up/Basics (No buck): 
(Best deal) $1100/month (Includes 20 rides, stand tied/ground work everyday day, and board) 
                    - $40/ride + $12 board/day (Whatever time frame you would like)

Horse training- Not started or anything that bucks:      
(Best deal) $1300/month (Rides- depend on level of young horse, stand tied-ground work everyday, and board)
                    - $45/ride + $12 board/day (Whatever time frame you would like)

Board: paddock/pasture/mineral tub (provide your own feed)
- $350/month
- $12/day
Horse Sales:
- Leave at barn to ride/sell: $350 board + $40/ride + 5% commission minimum
- Horse does not stay with me: 10% commission + $60/ride + .58 cents per total miles driven

Clinic dates
-March 9th- Ground work & Desensitizing in detail:

- March 10th- Problem solve & make your horse better in any discipline by perfecting the basics-

- $200 dollars per person to participate
- $50 discount if you participate in both clinics
- 6 hours of riding/lessons/ground work per day
- 1 hour lunch break
-If riding and participating- Cold sandwiches, chips, water provided

-$10 to come and watch the whole day- doesn’t include food
-5 people max riding
-One clinician 2 helpers
-All horses and levels accepted
-Will have round pen
-Indoor and outdoor depending on weather
-Heated barn
-Lesson horses are available for an extra $60

-$50 deposit required for people bringing horses
-Will be returned only if we cancel the clinic

Our Facilities: Indoor Paddock addition being built soon! 80 x 60
- 120 x 60 indoor: Enclosed not heated
- 8 Stall barn: Heated
- 30 x 25 outdoor paddocks with sun shades
- 80 x 60 indoor paddocks interchangeable to make indoor bigger
- 50 ft Round pen indoor and outdoor
- 200 x 120 outdoor arena
- Trail ridding area across the road in wild life area
- Desensitizing areas everywhere
- 4 Tie poles

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