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My name is Emma!  Welcome to my new old adventure!

Those close to me know that for the last few years I have been heavily pursuing my way with God and looking for ways to share my gifts with others. I have been incredibly fortunate that throughout my life, I’ve been surrounded by individuals who not only believed in the person I had yet to be but were willing to encourage and invest time in me to help me get there. I will forever be grateful to them and have been looking for a way to pay those efforts forward, which is where the new AAE Stables comes in.

I’d like to invite you to join me in my life and God’s Arena. I have spent a great deal of my life studying with some of the best equestrians I could find. Through that, I’ve learned a great deal about disciplines such as Reining, Cattle work, Western & English Pleasure, Halter/Showmanship, Game Events, and Colt Starting. I believe my experience helps me excel at Beginner-amateur kid & adult riding lessons and working with many different types and levels of horses. My goal is to build horse and rider confidence all the while teaching some of the reining "fancy" buttons ;)

I would like AAE Stables to be a place where EVERYONE feels welcome and included, and for people to know that it is a place of learning and listening. I do not consider myself a performance horse trainer, only someone very fortunate to be skillful with horses and riders. Some may question my venture, but that does not deter me. I have learned that I must trust the way the LORD has set before me. All things are possible with the Lord and a good horse!

Riding lessons with your horse: $50/hour
Riding lessons with my horse: $70/hour
Group lessons: $40/hour per person

Horse training-Tune up/Basics (No buck): 
(Best deal) $1100/month (Includes 20 rides, stand tied/ground work everyday day, and board) 
                    - $40/ride + $12 board/day (Whatever time frame you would like)

Horse training- Not started or anything that bucks:      
(Best deal) $1300/month (Rides- depend on level of young horse, stand tied-ground work everyday, and board)
                    - $45/ride + $12 board/day (Whatever time frame you would like)
Board: paddock/pasture/mineral tub (provide your own feed)
- $350/month
- $12/day
Horse Sales:
- Leave at barn to ride/sell: $350 board + $40/ride + 5% commission minimum
- Horse does not stay with me: 10% commission + $60/ride + .58 cents per total miles driven

Our Facility

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